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Technology support

We are working on help resources for some of the most common technology issues. See the resources below or contact techsupport@hlsd.us

Printing from a Personal Computer

Remotedx Connectivity Champions

Clever Badge Login


School WiFi Access


Printing from a Personal Computer

Papercut is the system used to allow access to our printers. 

Use the mobility print client for your computer type. 

Staff will want to select follow me, students do not have access at this time.

Remotedx Connectivity Champions

Remotedx Connectivity Champions is a team dedicated to helping get students connected.

The RemotEDx Connectivity Champions are working to remove barriers to connect K-12 students to remote learning by:

Ensuring all Ohio-K12 students have home internet access for remote learning

Helping school districts overcome technology barriers

Working closely in partnership with the Ohio Department of Education and Ohio’s Information Technology Centers

Engaging vendors to troubleshoot and problem solve


They may be reached Monday to Friday 8AM to 8PM.  

Website: Remotedx Connectivty Champions

Phone: 844-K12-OHIO (844-512-6446)

Email / Text connectme@ohio-k12.help

Clever Badge Login

If you switch between using a password and clever badge to login, the computer will ask you for the old password. 

Click forgot password and allow it to re sync the data from your Google account. 

If you do not have your badge and need to use a password, click sign in with a different account not next.

See this clever help article for more details

HughesNet Iboss blocking everything

If you have HughesNet as your ISP, we have found their web acceleration feature conflicts with our Iboss webfilter.

I hav efound directions at Northwestern State university of Louisiana’s library.

Disable Web Acceleration

School WiFi Access

1. Change your password. If you have not changed it since the reset in July, you will not be able to access the WiFi.

2. Connect to Highland NOT Guest.

For Android/Chromebooks, use these settings:

EAP method: PEAP

Phase 2: MS CHAPv2

Certificate: Do not Check

Identity: The student’s username, the first part of their school email (everything before the @ symbol).

Password: The student’s password.

If you have attempted to connect before following these steps:

Go to Settings > Network and forget Highland. Reboot your Chromebook and try again.

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